Thinking Continuum and A Conversation with Humanity's successor are projects by Sascha Engel. The former is ongoing, while the latter is now completed.

I'm an author of experimental prose and poetry and founder of the Ireland-based journal Strukturriss. After pursuing an M.A. in Political Theory from the University of Frankfurt and a PhD in Political Economy from Virginia Tech, my interest in things other than economics was awakened by the chance find of an 'ancient technology' section in a bookstore in Corvallis, Oregon, and I've never looked back since. Find my reading up on computations, experimenting with ancient lettering systems pre-dating the Latin alphabet, or just wandering about in Cork City, Ireland.

The letters featured above are Phoenician (ca. 9th century BC), a predecessor of the ancient Greek alphabet (and thus grandparent of our Latin alphabet). Read from right to left. One major difference to our own alphabet is that Phoenician lettering doesn't have vowels.

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