Website changelog


2023-09-09. Changes to the main, publications, and about pages.

2023-07-22. Noticed a bookstore carrying Plant Anarchy, added to the site!

2023-07-19. Adding my one-pager on Paleolithic proto-writing to the publications page.

2023-07-16. Revamping the publications page a bit.

2023-07-07. Adding link to the Tyranny of the Alphabet-episode of Uncivilized Podcast.

2023-04-28. Cross-referencing some of those publications.

2023-04-17. Added new publications and reviews to the publications page.

2023-03-23. New book Plant Anarchy added to the page!

2023-03-18. New publication out this week in the Working Classicists zine!

2023-02-27. Added my appearance in Hilaritas podcast, discussing Breaking the Alphabet.

2023-02-12. Minor update in publication list; a typo! Tisk tisk.

2022-12-26. Updated About page and publication list.

2022-12-20. Updated publication list.

2022-11-04. Changes in structure again, plus corrections and update.

2022-07-25. Major structural update to the website plus updates to content too numerous to list here.

2022-06-30. Additions to the publications page.

2022-06-18. Added MY BOOK WHICH IS NOW OUT to the Publications page. Wooo!

2022-05-05. Added two forthcoming pieces.

2022-05-02. Added a first glance of the Hegel entry.

2022-04-25. Added recent publications (OAK 4 IS OUT!!!!) and updated the Marx and Quine entries of the Anti-Encyclopedia.

2022-04-22. Added the Newsletter sign-up form to the ABOUT page.

2022-04-08. Updated the two latest publications!

2022-03-20. (Slight) addition in preparation of the Marx, Karl entry of the Anti-Encyclopedia.

2022-03-14. Updated publications list again, with a forthcoming one.

2022-02-03. Updated publications list and added the published part of the Gustav Landauer entry.

2022-01-23. More infrastructure and a new forthcoming publication (woohoo!).

2022-01-10. Infrastructural update, new publications, and a much-needed addition to the Thinking Continuum site so the Anti-Encyclopedia isn't an erratic block any more.

2021-12-11. Added a very rough first draft of the "Xenophanes" entry.

2021-12-09. Uploaded the first part of the "Collins, Patricia Hill" entry, as well as the publications page for my publication of "Revolt. Of letters".

2021-12-06. Followd by the first part of the second entry! Check out "Landauer, Gustav" in the Thinking Continuum page.

2021-12-04. The first entry of the Anti-Encyclopedia is now updated! Check out "Antisthenes" in the Thinking Continuum page, or via the publications.

2021-11-27. Tiny update to reflect the latest publication.

2021-11-14. Just a small one to reflect the latest publications.

2021-11-05. Added the first discussion of continuous writing to the Thinking Continuum project! Also updated the Conversation project, and some minor things.

2021-10-24. Added some more clarifications to the Thinking Continuum project, especially in the Mycenaean section of the 'Method' chapter.

2021-10-17. Made the Thinking Continuum page a series of collapsibles so your eyes don't fall out, and added the rest of the project.

2021-10-16. Changed the Thinking Continuum page to reflect its being picked up by print publications. (Yay!) Also removed some typos and updated the forthcoming works on the Publications page.

2021-10-06. Migrated the contents of my Linktree to the website.

2021-10-05. Uploaded a completely new chapter 4 to the Thinking Continuum page (as yet unfinished), plus some new scribbles and imagery.

2021-09-23. Uploaded a completely revamped version of chapter 2 to the Thinking Continuum page, plus some new scribbles and imagery, and a new text structure.

2021-08-31. Adding Excerpt 31 to the Conversation with Humanity's Successor.

2021-08-26. Minor corrections and outline of the next steps for the Thinking Continuum project.

2021-08-24. Uploaded first draft of full introduction, method, and material for the Thinking Continuum project.

2021-08-18. Graphics update for the index page, preview of the first section.

2021-08-17. Some minor changes, mostly grammar and spelling.

2021-08-16. Adding Economies of Triumph and Legere/Iterare to the published works.

2021-08-09. Adding Doomed to be Named to the published works, as well as Excerpt 29 to the Conversation with Humanity's Successor project.

2021-08-01. Adding Excerpt 18 to the Conversation with Humanity's Successor project, plus some smaller changes.

2021-07-30. Adding unpublished piece Diptych to 'Other Works' repository.

2021-07-29. Adding preview for Thinking Continuum project.

2021-07-28. Updating availability for Twenty-One Computations, plus some smaller changes.

2021-07-25. V1 soft launches.