Books and pamphlets

Twenty-One Computations (Beir Bua Press).
Says a reviewer: A brilliant and baffling visualization of the connection between man and machine...

Doomed to be Named (via Little Black Cart).


  • A Varronian Translation of the Lapis Niger (Ancient Exchanges)
  • Drone/Apeiron (Difficult Arts and Music)
  • Against written thought (Oak Journal)
  • Revolt. Of Letters (Version (9) Magazine)

Published shorter texts

Segment XIIa (Foam) (Anamorphoseis No. 2: In Waves)

Sublime static (Anamorphoseis No. 2: In Waves)

Four prototexts emerging (Strukturriss Vol. 2 No. 4)

Segment IV (Thrice Aristotle) (Language Sucks Magazine)

Computations for Hesiod (Language Sucks Magazine)

Transcript from the other side of the date (Nine Magazines No. 1)

Ahsoka's Creed (Star Wars fan concept)

Cycle (Selcouth Station)

Segment VIIId (Sixteen Randomizers) (Neuro Logical)

Writing (in) Kant's blind spot (Babel Tower Notice Board)

Excerpts 5, 17, 18, 29, and 31 of A Conversation with Humanity's Successor (Centre for Experimental Ontology)

Segment XI (A truly human script) (Fugitives and Futurists)

Variations for prepared potato (Tattie Zine No. 1)

Segment VII (Mycenaean Operational) (Streetcake No. 73)

Unary Readout (ToCall Magazine No. 15)

Segment XII (Neuro Logical)

Segment XIII (Briefly on the question of egoist intelligibility) (Beir Bua blog)

Segment IVc (Beir Bua Vol. 3)

Segment (Strukturriss Vol. 1 No. 1)

Quarantine (Oxygen Leaks Vol. 1 No. 1)

Socialism and Communism in the Age of Climate Strikes (Platypus Review No. 121)

Realism (Eighteen Seventy poetry blog)

Minding Machines: a note on alienation (Fast Capitalism Vol. 16 No. 2)

Iterative Phenomenology (SPECTRA Vol. 7 No. 1)

Writing Circuit Histories (Fast Capitalism Vol. 15 No. 1)

4'33'' at the edge of intelligibility (Reflections and Explorations)


Some more (as yet) unpublished pieces

Economies of Triumph, a philosophical reflection on Julia Ziegler's 'Triumph'.

Legere/Iterare: On the Unfolding of Page Space, a philosophical reflection on PSW's 'Escapce Blanc'.

Long Silence

Segment VIIIc (Barely Morphematic)

Segment VI (Composure)



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